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Emerald Built Environments is a consulting firm specializing in high performance green buildings, neighborhoods, and sustainable infrastructure. Bringing expertise in architecture, engineering and construction, our services help clients design, construct and operate sustainable buildings, infrastructure and environments.

We are most known for our success in helping clients achieve sustainability certifications such as LEED, Enterprise Green Communities and INVEST. Our goal is to improve your triple bottom line by creating balance for economic, human and environmental prosperity. The key to our success is facilitating integrated, collaborative relationships between stakeholders and team members leading to demonstrated sustainability performance in design, construction and operations. As a resource to your teams, we provide third-party objectivity to your sustainability efforts and establish the accountability required for you to achieve sustainability goals, third-party certification for buildings, sites, and neighborhoods.

With headquarters in Ohio and offices in Florida, our firm has an excellent reputation with building owners, developers, design firms and contractors working in the public, private and nonprofit sectors with over 40 years combined experience in the industry. We work in-concert with your architecture, engineering, contractor and operation teams to create the best possible, reasoned, cost saving measures while balancing environmental and human needs. Our certification experience includes LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, EnergyStar, and INVEST.