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Protecting Watersheds with Permeable Paving

As urban and suburban areas grow to accommodate larger populations, pavement follows. As the amount of impervious paved surfaces increase, watersheds become more vulnerable to pollutants. When rains fall on a conventionally paved impervious surface, the precipitation is generally directed down storm drains, which can result in flooding and overwhelming the storm water management system. Urban flood events damage both the interior and exterior of buildings. Water travels up sewage

Cool Roofs for Sustainable Cities

At first glance, most cities do not engender a deep connection with nature. Walk around a downtown and you may find spaces that feel dirty and congested, disparate from pastoral images associated with a healthy environment and sustainability. Yet, cities have become the focal point for those working to stabilize the climate and grow a robust, healthy economy. Urban areas currently house about 3.5 billion people, which represents half of

Financing Sustainable Building in Cleveland

The City of Cleveland offers tax abatement to owners that develop or re-develop residential properties. The program encompasses new construction and renovation in two categories: substantial and moderate rehab. Single-family, multi-family low, mid, high-rise, and mixed-use projects are eligible. Abatement is given for 100% of the increased property value for 15 years on new construction, 10 years for projects of $2,500 or less per unit or 12 years for projects

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