Why You Should Hire A LEED Consultant

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Why a LEED Consultant

More than ever before, businesses are turning their focus toward green technologies, sustainable solutions and energy conservation… not only for environmental benefits, but also the resulting bottom-line savings these companies will enjoy.
No matter what kind of project you need done or what type of development you have in mind, it makes sense to employ the services a qualified LEED consultant to ensure the highest quality of work, with the lowest possible overhead. The cost of deferring to a professional for these services will ultimately pay for itself through significant return on investment.

Why is it important to hire a LEED consultant for your sustainable, high performance, green building projects?
A LEED Consultant is…

  • Educated in the latest strategies for performance green building design, construction and operations
  • Experienced with the LEED certification process for a variety of building types and LEED rating systems
  • Current with the latest techniques, criteria, requirements, and strategies
  • Passionate and dedicated to delivering the highest quality of work
  • Aware of a variety of green building rating systems that compliment LEED
  • Experienced with what LEED reviewers expect and require for verification submittals
  • Who you depend on to streamline the certification process

What is LEED?
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ensures and verifies that buildings are sustainable and designed with environmentally friendly, green, proven technologies. LEED certified buildings are constructed with environmentally preferable and low emitting materials to help provide a healthy indoor air environment. A LEED certified building is more durable, require less maintenance, are more valuable and command higher lease rates than traditional buildings.
Building design supported by LEED consultants are ensured a high level of excellence because they are dedicated to improving the way built environments are created to benefit owners and occupants.

A performance green building professional – LEED consultant brings a wealth of experience that contributes to:

  • Selection and sourcing of environmentally preferable materials and systems
  • Development of strategies that lead to ‘first cost’ and ‘lifecycle cost’ savings
  • Ensuring make-sense performance green features become part of design, construction, and operation
  • A dramatically improved indoor environmental quality that promotes human heath and well-being
  • Facilitating the ‘integrative process’

What does a performance green building – LEED Consultant do?

  • Assist with performing design and lifecycle analytics to determine ROI
  • Guide and assist with mitigating environmental impact
  • Provide sustainability and LEED requirements information
  • Manage the LEED Online verification submittal process
  • Research new sustainability materials, products, technologies and best practices
  • Facilitate high-level collaborative, integrative practices to improve design and lower costs
  • Assist project teams with choosing the most appropriate pathways to meet project sustainability goals
  • Bring cutting edge sustainability products and methods to owners and teams for evaluation
  • Educate owners, teams, and others about sustainable built environments, LEED and other green building certifications, and strategies that are used to achieve them
  • Provide case studies and research that prove the value and viability of green building and business operations practices

In short, a qualified, sustainability, LEED accredited consultant guides building owners and their projects to streamline LEED certification, improve performance, achieve goals while lowering first and lifecycle costs. Companies rely on the expert guidance of consultants to achieve the highest LEED certification level possible. Oftentimes building owners embark on LEED certification with the expectation of achieving LEED Silver level certification, but with the expertise of the LEED consultant they’re able to achieve Gold or Platinum level with little or no additional first cost.

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