Outpatient Advanced Cancer Hospital

377,750 sf - 8 Stories

Cuyahoga County received LEED Gold for the environmentally responsible design and construction for the new administrative headquarters building. The eight-story, 220,000 square-foot facility is situated on East 9th in Cleveland, amid a cluster of new construction reviving the downtown area. Designed to consolidate services for the county, the headquarters houses offices, council chambers, conference rooms, and a television studio. The facility exceeded its initial goal of LEED Silver. Features:
  • A 32-month contract, covering 75% of the building, with American Electric Power guarantees 90% of power from AEP is generated with renewable resources.
  • 42% water savings with initiatives including dual flushing toilets and rooftop plantings requiring little water
  • Efficient lighting systems equipped with motion sensors and the capacity to dim or brighten in response incoming daylight
  • Multiple elements to encourage alternative transportation including sufficient bike parking, convenient access to public transportation systems, and designated parking spaces for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles
  • 20% of construction materials from recycled content and nearly 90% of construction waste recycled.
Watch a video highlighting all the green features of the Cuyahoga County Headquarters.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Stantec / William Rawn Assoc.

General Contractor:

Turner Construction