Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge I90 - George V. Voinovich Bridge - Largest Bridge Replacement Ever in Ohio

The replacement of the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge on I90, renamed the George V. Voinovich Bridge, is the largest bridge replacement project in Ohio's history. The replacement project was divided into two phases- westbound, completed in 2013, and eastbound, completed in 2016. The new bridges replace the 1959 truss bridge that previously supported the 140,000 vehicles crossing it daily. To reduce the project's environmental impact, the team followed the  INVEST rating system. INVEST (Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool) has been created by the U.S. Department of Transportation: Federal Highway Administration to evaluate roadway infrastructure lifecycle. INVEST consists of three self-evaluation modules: The module chosen for this project is the Project Development (PD) module, which is used during construction.
        • Stormwater system was designed to control 100% of peak flows for the 5, 10, and 25 year flows, reducing the probability of overflowing the system and discharging sewer directly to the Cuyahoga River
        • Stormwater management practices that mimic natural hydrology to treat pollutants and include detention ponds, wet ponds, wetlands, biofilters, and media filters

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